When you order a cross-stitch pattern you get an easy to read grid of symbols(pattern), a legend, and a picture of the final product.  Each pattern has bold lines every 14 or 18 stitches depending on whether it is designed for 14 or 18 count cloth.  The legend tells you the DMC embroidery floss number that corresponds to each symbol shown and gives the short color description provided by DMC.

You may select to have your pattern e-mailed or mailed to you.

E-MAIL ORDERS(Usually take less than 24 hours once we receive payment on non-custom orders)
You will receive an e-mail from with the three attached .jpeg files. 


The files can then be printed at home on your own printer.

MAIL ORDERS(Usually mail within 48 hours of payment on non-custom orders)

You will receive an envelope containing the 3 items.

PATTERN:  Most patterns fit on a single sheet of paper, however if the pattern is too big it will be printed on multiple sheets.  In this case each sheet will be numbered and will clearly show where and with which sheets it attaches.  (The patterns will never be printed with squares smaller than 14 squares per inch)
LEGEND: Single sheet of paper
PICTURE: Colored print of your finished cross-stitch

We also offer a large print option, which  takes more pages, but may be easier on your eyes.  Simply request this free of charge at the time of your order.
Free butterfly pattern
Butterfly Legend
Butterfly Crossstitch