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A partially completed map showing the states visited so far.
Stitch the states as you travel to them!  
To begin you just stitch in the black outlines and then fill in the states you've already traveled to.  Then the crossstitch is ready to be hung on the wall inside a 14 inch hoop.  Whenever you go to a new state you can quickly take it down, leaving it inside the hoop and stitch in the new state.  This ongoing project lets you record your travels and display a beautiful product while your traveling continues.   You can choose  your colors as well to match your style.
USA zoom in USA in blue crossstitch pattern
A zoom in of the crossstitch with different colors. A completed crossstitch all in blue.
Title USA
Catalog # 002
# of Stitches 16895
# of Black Stitches 3102
# of Colors 5
Size (on 18 count fabric) 14'' circle
Pattern Price $ 4.00
Kit Price NA
$ 4.00 Pattern
Kit Not Yet Available